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OnBase Mackinac enables first seamless, secure digital exchange of data between healthcare payer and provider organizations

MetroHealth and Medical Mutual are first to go live with new software solution; increasing collaboration and accelerating processes while reducing costs

Two leading healthcare organizations in Ohio, The MetroHealth System and Medical Mutual, became the first provider and payer organizations, respectively, to digitally exchange data and documents with OnBase Mackinac. This groundbreaking advancement in payer-provider collaboration bypasses traditional time-consuming communication through fax, mail, couriers and web portals; thereby reducing costs and eliminating risks and delays through increased transparency, quality and faster processes.

Beginning today, MetroHealth and Medical Mutual can securely exchange data and documents via Mackinac. Leveraging their OnBase information management platform functionality, the OnBase Mackinac solution enables these workflow and business process management functions without complicated system integrations.

The first workflow facilitates the collaboration regarding a payer’s request for medical documentation in support of claims payment. Called Electronic Medical Documentation Request (EMDR), Medical Mutual will be able to initiate a secure electronic request to MetroHealth for data and documents, and MetroHealth can fulfill that request electronically. This process can otherwise take several days, but now both organizations can collaborate in near real time.

“This exchange is so exciting for Hyland because it demonstrates the innovation that’s possible when we come together with our customers to solve real problems across the healthcare enterprise,” said Susan deCathelineau, vice president of global healthcare sales and services at Hyland. “OnBase Mackinac came about because MetroHealth and Medical Mutual approached Hyland experts to help them overcome the burdensome, outdated communication process. Together, we’ve created a solution that leverages their existing OnBase platforms to transform the way they serve patients.”

By utilizing an organization’s existing secure infrastructure and services, OnBase Mackinac electronically routes the right information to the right person at the right time, eliminating duplicative, lost or misplaced information. The solution has the potential to reduce both parties’ cost-per-transaction by more than half, while cutting expensive communication costs.

“Deploying this Mackinac solution will make a significant difference by creating a faster, simpler way to work with payer organizations like Medical Mutual. This is a win for Medical Mutual members and for our patients, and is a catalyst for healthcare reform nationally,” said Donna Graham, executive director, revenue cycle at MetroHealth. “Streamlining the payer-provider communication and claims adjudication process is transparent, providing the community the opportunity to concentrate on their health and well-being. Continued concentration on quality patient care and reduction in unwarranted administrative burden is the goal.”

“Medical Mutual is excited to be part of such an innovative arrangement with MetroHealth. Mackinac will bridge the gap for today’s challenges of obtaining timely medical records. Having the connectivity between the payer and provider to share medical records is groundbreaking, and I am excited to see how we can extend this concept into other areas within our business,” said Shirra Subsinsky, director, customer care at Medical Mutual. “Mackinac will have a positive impact to our member experience and supports our service philosophy to make things simple.”

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