06:28 AM

OnBase by Hyland unveils annual software release, OnBase 14

President and CEO, Bill Priemer, announces the latest version of OnBase at the annual OnBase Training & Technology Conference (OTTC)

The enterprise content management (ECM) industry has experienced tremendous changes throughout its history. It has transitioned from simple document imaging capabilities in the early 90's to more robust functionality that includes knowledge management, business process management (BPM) and ECM. Now there's a shift to develop more specific applications that support case management and smart business applications. Evolution of the market is inevitable, so it's important that vendors stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to support their end users' needs and remain viable. OnBase does this by delivering an annual software release, announcing OnBase 14 at its annual user conference, OTTC.

More than 4,000 enhancements, including several areas of brand new functionality, are available in OnBase 14. These enhancements further position OnBase not only as a platform to build applications but also as an information hub for the enterprise that's built on a single, secure, scalable architecture.

OnBase 14 introduces a new architecture component, the Enterprise Integration Server, orchestrating a near real-time, guaranteed data-exchange between on-premises and cloud-based applications. While continuing to work well with other cloud applications, OnBase 14 introduces support for Google Docs and Gmail. It also includes compatibility with Unicode, supporting global organizations operating in multiple languages.

'We have had a strategic focus on growing our international business,' said Bill Priemer, president and CEO at Hyland, creator of OnBase. 'Adding Unicode compatibilities will help us achieve our international growth goals by providing a solution that supports multinational organizations utilizing multiple languages in the same system.'

OnBase 14 includes several enhancements to user experience with new, interactive reporting dashboards, a re-designed HTML web client and enhancements to the integrations with Outlook and GroupWise. It also brings access to information to those outside the organization with a brand new External Access Client, allowing customers, constituents, students, patients, vendors and brokers the ability to self-serve with secure access to information stored in OnBase.

'Our vision for OnBase has always been to remain the most relevant and user friendly solution on the market,' said Glenn Gibson, product marketing manager at Hyland, creator of OnBase. 'As the only vendor in the market to provide regular software releases we know these updates are meeting our customers' specific needs. Over the past 23 years, we've had 26 major versions and 46 total releases of OnBase, ensuring we stay ahead of the latest trends, IT environments and support our customers' needs, providing more functionality than our competition.'

Additional updates in OnBase 14 include:

- Microsoft Office Web Apps Server support

- Comparison of document revisions using Microsoft Word

- Unified interface to build applications and automate processes

- Dynamic reporting dashboards

- 256-bit encryption of documents and data

- Mobile administration of user accounts

To learn more about OnBase 14 visit onbase.com.