11:11 AM

OnBase by Hyland Helps Del Mar College Evaluate Transcripts within 48 Hours

Del Mar College deployed OnBase by Hyland, an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, to streamline the transcript evaluation process, which previously took several weeks to complete. The delay was inhibiting the school's ability to matriculate, retain and graduate students. Using OnBase, transcripts are evaluated in less than 48 hours, enabling the school to inform students which courses will transfer before they register for classes.

'With more than 15,000 courses to evaluate every year, we needed to streamline the process and do everything in our power to help matriculate, retain and graduate our more than 10,000 students,' said Gil Becerra, dean of student outreach and enrollment services at Del Mar. 'OnBase helps us be more productive and ensure our students have the best experience possible.'

Del Mar, like many colleges around the country, reorganized the college's administrative structure to ensure the long-term financial viability of the institution. Resulting staff changes altered the timeliness of processing transcripts at the institution.

'By applying transcript evaluation technology, Del Mar will be able to drive incredible improvements to the institution,' said Laurel Stiller, higher education manager at Hyland. 'With faster evaluation, they can deliver transfer decisions before students enroll, which positively impacts students as they know exactly what classes will transfer and what they will need to take to graduate. This helps increase enrollment, eliminate repeated coursework, and save critical time and money for students. Del Mar is an incredible example of how focused technology can make a large impact on an institution.'

For more information on how OnBase helps colleges and universities streamline processes like transcript evaluation, please visit OnBase.com/HigherEd.