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MEDrefer Partners with Hyland Healthcare to Provide Content Services

Hyland’s solutions address hospital referrals challenges including timeliness and accuracy

MEDrefer, an Australia-wide directory and eReferral delivery system, has partnered with Hyland Healthcare, a leading global provider of connected healthcare solutions, to bridge the gap in the referral process connecting primary health and acute health. Together, the technology companies will help healthcare organisations digitally transform to create an interoperable environment.

MEDrefer, with their MEDrefer Manager©, provides a secure and traceable referral process to search, send, accept and report functionalities. General practitioners can select and send secure, traceable referrals to hospitals, specialists and allied health providers. In partnership with Hyland, a hospital can have a centralised intake of the referrals from primary health, be it via eReferrals or more traditional approaches, to manage and route the requests, and facilitate better communication between health professionals.

Integrating Hyland’s OnBase enterprise information platform with MEDrefer will present a broader service coordinating the central intake of referrals received electronically, by fax or hard copy into a universal form for acceptance, triaging and processing, and provide clinicians a single location for all referral related content. The value will be time savings in referral processing, improved sharing of information across the health sectors, reduced reliance on faxes and letters, and centralised management of referrals at the hospital.

“We know MEDrefer Manager© is a more comprehensive solution than our competitors, and when combined with Hyland’s OnBase, will provide an even broader efficiency package,” said Brian Sullivan, managing director at- MEDrefer.

“When securing new partnerships at Hyland, we look for companies that approach their solutions with best practices and forward-looking paradigms, and where there is a symbiotic relationship. MEDrefer has a wide national application for MEDrefer Manager©, and integrating OnBase to address the challenges with referrals into the acute healthcare setting was a clear opportunity,” said Christine Lugg, Asia Pacific industry manager at Hyland Healthcare.

OnBase is a leading content services solution integrated with over 500 applications globally. Better healthcare begins by linking unstructured content like clinical referral documents to the EMR. Hyland Healthcare provides the connected healthcare solutions that put patient content at clinician’s fingertips, allowing them to focus on patients rather than searching for the information they need to make vital clinical decisions.

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About MEDrefer

Brian Sullivan saw a problem needing a solution after hearing many GP friends voice concerns they didn’t know the status of their Patients referrals, didn’t know the availability and location of any new Specialists, and were frustrated when a Patient ‘bounced back’ for an alternative referral when they found their GP’s ‘favourite’ was booked out for months.

He founded MEDrefer in 2007 recognising this need for greater visibility between GPs, their Patients and Specialists.

Overtime the MEDrefer Manager© development has become a unique online tool that streamlines the referral process for all involved, particularly Hospitals already stressed with about 30% of referrals being either incomplete, or inappropriate. With only one click, without having to leave their management software, Referrers can search, refer, track, and access the latest medical information prior to issuing a referral. Every Provider has an auto-populating template attached to their directory listing, with fields mandating their particular minimal requirements for a stress free quality consultation whether it is for a Hospital, Specialist or Allied Health Provider.

About Hyland Healthcare

Hyland Healthcare provides connected healthcare solutions that harness unstructured content at all corners of the enterprise and link it to core clinical and business applications such as electronic medical records (EMR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Hyland Healthcare is the only technology partner that offers a full suite of content services and enterprise imaging tools, bringing documents, medical images and other clinically rich data to the healthcare stakeholders that need it most. This comprehensive view of patient information accelerates business processes, streamlines clinical workflows and improves clinical decision making. For more information, visit