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Macalester College Selects OnBase for Campus-Wide Content Management

Hyland’s content services platform will eliminate data silos, improve data security and streamline processes

Macalester College selected OnBase, enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases, as the first step in a campus-wide content management project. The institution will use OnBase to digitize documents and workflows, replace paper-based processes and increase data security.

To start, Macalester will implement OnBase in the registrar and financial aid departments, creating a single repository for documents and data. Previously, different campus offices used individual tech solutions or paper systems, but OnBase will now store important documents and extract required data to make it usable, shareable and secure across campus.

“We wanted more than just a digital file cabinet. Our campus is ready for a robust platform that will truly transform the way we serve our students,” said David Wheaton, CFO at Macalester. “OnBase creates a systematic, transparent and secure way to track and share information, creating a more coordinated student experience and making our offices more responsive to the students we serve."

OnBase will also integrate with other key technologies in place at Macalester, including the Banner student information system and Slate CRM. OnBase makes it possible to share information between systems so it is easier for users to complete their work.

In the long term, implementation will eliminate paper in administrative processes. By switching to electronic forms and workflows instead of paper forms and manual processing, OnBase speeds decision-making while improving the student, faculty and staff experience. Macalester plans to start their process improvement by implementing the OnBase Financial Aid Verification solution, which uses electronic verification worksheet forms and secure document capture to gather student information and compares it to FAFSA data to highlight areas for additional review by financial aid staff. The combination of electronic forms and automated workflows reduces the time needed to complete verification and ensures students get their award notifications as soon as possible.

“Macalester is creating very exciting and important change that goes beyond new technology, and Hyland is thrilled to support their goals. By better managing important data and converting paperwork into streamlined digital processes, Macalester faculty and staff can be highly responsive to students and other stakeholders,” said Dave Vegh, director of higher education sales at Hyland. “These changes make Macalester poised for growth and ready for future technology evolutions.”

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