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LawLogix Guardian Introduces Feature to Complete the Entire Form I-9 Ahead of Time

I-9 Preboard dramatically boosts onboarding efficiency by completing Form I-9 Section 1 and 2 before new employees’ first day

LawLogix announces I-9 Preboard™, a feature woven seamlessly into its Guardian product, the industry’s most compliant, end-to-end electronic I-9 and E-Verify software solution. I-9 Preboard provides organizations with an increased level of cost and time-savings with the ability to complete the entire Form I-9 and E-Verify process prior to an employee’s first day of work.

I-9 Preboard key features include built-in workflow to execute the Form I-9 process quickly and easily prior to an employee’s first day of work, the freedom for the new hire to choose an authorized representative and an automated process to complete remote reverifications.

“The Form I-9 and E-Verify process can be a costly undertaking when you consider the amount of time and effort spent on understanding the legal requirements, ensuring accuracy and making sure everything is done on time,” said John Fay, an immigration attorney and compliance expert with LawLogix, a division of Hyland.

“Since I-9 Preboard is integrated within LawLogix Guardian, our clients are benefiting from the most compliant electronic I-9 and E-Verify solution on the market while also addressing issues such as loss of productivity on the first day of work, limited or no access to notary networks, high cost of section 2 verifiers, difficulty completing I-9s for remote employees and insufficient process for executing remote reverifications. I-9 Preboard is especially useful for busy retail and staffing organizations where every minute spent on onboarding can ultimately affect their operations.”

Learn more about I-9 Preboard, or watch the I-9 preboarding webinar.

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