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LawLogix by Hyland Enhances HR Request System and Mobile Intake Capabilities within its Edge Immigration Case Management Solution

Enhanced HR request system and new mobile intake features improve immigration case workflows and user experience

LawLogix by Hyland has launched new and upgraded features to its Edge product, the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive immigration case management solution. Product enhancements include an improved HR request system and new mobile intake capabilities – enabling law firms and immigration professionals to further streamline their operations in the wake of increasingly stringent immigration procedures and requirements. In addition, the features will help increase user satisfaction for both the HR clients and foreign nationals that immigration professionals serve.

The redesigned Edge HR request system features an updated user interface that enables HR personnel to quickly initiate a new immigration case request and provide counsel with pertinent information concerning the applicant, intended job, and specific duties. System administrators can further refine and customize the HR request by adding up to 100 custom questions within the HR request system – making them as simple or detailed as the organization needs.

Additionally, the highly anticipated, new mobile intake feature delivers a simple, yet efficient way to rapidly gather, evaluate and summarize information – providing law firms and immigration professionals a more effective way to run their businesses.

“Now more than ever, immigration professionals in the U.S. and abroad need to gather all required case information and documentation as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Joshua Cisneroz, associate vice president of product management, LawLogix. “The latest system enhancements to the LawLogix Edge Immigration Case Management Solution were designed with these priorities in mind and implemented in partnership with some of our largest clients –who have witnessed first-hand the new reality of immigration processing.”

LawLogix will continue to further enhance its Edge product throughout 2018, with plans to develop a series of innovative workflow solutions to help immigration professionals save time and create a better client experience.

For more information about LawLogix’s secure, cloud-based immigration case management platform visit, or speak with a LawLogix team member to get a first-hand look at system enhancements.

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