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Hyland Selects American Bridge Company as 2018 Peer-to-Peer Award Winner

Industry peers choose American Bridge Company for innovative, enterprise-wide implementation of OnBase, a content services platform

American Bridge Company won the 2018 peer-to-peer award from Hyland’s OnBase Solutions Expert Group (OSEG), earning the title for converting its invoice/voucher processing, payment processes and bid tracking from paper to electronic with OnBase solutions.

The company was chosen by a group of industry peers who evaluated how competing organizations address challenges with OnBase solutions, as well as effective practices across departments and the timeframe to achieve specific returns on investment after implementing OnBase.

“After OnBase completely shifted our view of data, we’ve been able to not only standardize workflows and business processes, but also finally consolidate all of our information into one single and central repository,” said Adam Levine, ECM applications manager at American Bridge Company. “The efficiencies created by OnBase allowed us to clear up both a vast amount of cabinet space and valuable time.”

American Bridge Company is supported by authorized OnBase solution provider, Requordit, Inc. They have been an OnBase user for two years, interacting with eighteen different OnBase modules in its enterprise system. Levine will present the award at the OSEG session at CommunityLIVE 2018, sharing best practices and insights that led to the company’s successful enterprise strategy.

American Bridge Company was one of two finalists for the award, alongside Ag Processing Inc (AGP). AGP, supported by authorized OnBase solution provider Databank, Ltd., uses OnBase Unity Client, OnBase Outlook Integration and OnBase Timer Services for its Approved Suppliers Solution, to be released in the next few months. Within two years of implementing OnBase, AGP was able to automate their entire accounts payable process, convert internal paper forms to electronic forms with workflow and has two other enterprise solutions in the works.

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