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Hyland launches Hyland Experience Capture and Hyland RPA at CommunityLIVE 2020

Transformative solutions built on modern business platforms support continued technology innovation

Hyland, a leading content services provider, announced the release of Hyland Experience Capture (HxC), an intelligent, web-based scanning, classification and data extraction tool, and introduced Hyland RPA, an end-to-end robotic process automation (RPA) suite.

The offerings were announced in virtual keynote addresses from Hyland’s executives to more than 3,500 customers, partners and technology leaders attending Hyland’s annual CommunityLIVE conference. The addition of the products to Hyland’s content services suite support Hyland’s mission to be the leading provider of modern content services solutions driving digital transformation.

HxC is the first cloud-native application built on the Hyland Experience Platform (HxP) — Hyland’s next-generation cloud-based platform delivering best-of-breed content services capabilities through a variety of SaaS applications in the Hyland Cloud. The fast and intuitive capture tool combines intelligent capture functionality including optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to accelerate information capture and improve accuracy over time. HxC empowers users to:

  • Distribute capture solutions wherever they are needed, accelerating processing from the moment documents are received
  • Address varying capture needs across users, processes and locations with flexible and compatible configuration options
  • Limit the burden on IT resources and infrastructure through SaaS deployments, upgrades and enhancements

“Despite continued demand for digital transformation and automated processing, organizations still receive paper documents. As businesses continue to operate with remote workforces, they’ve found they need to reorganize to support evolving business processes,” said John Phelan, executive vice president and chief product officer at Hyland. “With a cloud-based, SaaS deployment, HxC supports the evolving business climate by enabling organizations to scale front-end capture tools across multiple sites and locations, while keeping IT sprawl and maintenance to a minimum.”

To learn more about Hyland’s capture solutions, visit the Capture Lounge sponsored by Fujitsu in CommunityCentral.

Hyland RPA is a comprehensive RPA suite with everything a modern enterprise needs to reach full RPA technology potential — from process analysis to bot management. Hyland acquired its RPA technology offering in its acquisition of Another Monday earlier this year. Automating manual, rule-based, high-volume and repetitive tasks where human touch does not add value helps organizations increase efficiency and accuracy, improve information security and compliance, and accelerate ROI.

“Hyland RPA complements Hyland’s robust intelligent process automation capabilities, empowering our customers to continue to innovate, automate and optimize their key business processes with the most modern technologies,” Phelan said. “The use cases for this type of automation span every department and industry we serve, helping reduce costs and improve efficiency, employee satisfaction and, ultimately, customer experience without requiring system integrations or custom coding.”

To learn more about Hyland RPA, visit the Hyland RPA showcase in CommunityCentral.

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