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Hyland Healthcare Partners with Jopari to Offer OnBase Mackinac Access

Jopari payer and provider customers may now securely exchange medical data and documentation with OnBase Mackinac

Hyland Healthcare and Jopari Solutions, Inc., a healthcare information technology and connectivity company, have recently partnered to offer access to OnBase Mackinac – a workflow and business process management solution – to Jopari payer and provider customers. Leveraging OnBase by Hyland content services platform functionality, OnBase Mackinac enables payer and provider organizations to securely exchange medical data and documentation electronically. Jopari’s medical transaction network provides a ready conduit for OnBase customers to exchange Mackinac data and documents with other Mackinac and Jopari customers.

OnBase Mackinac further integrates with Jopari Attach® – an attachment solution solving the administrative and clinical data documentation challenges affecting group health plan claims – building a bridge between healthcare payers and providers to accelerate collaboration and fast-track processes while decreasing costs. OnBase Mackinac tracks delivery and receipt, and facilitates collaboration to help reduce costs and eliminate risks and delays through increased transparency, quality and faster processes.

“We are focused on supporting our customers to ensure their experiences with the millions of attachments that we manage monthly are continuously improving, and the partnership with Hyland Healthcare will do just that,” said Steve Stevens, chief executive officer of Jopari. “The integration between Jopari Attach and OnBase Mackinac workflow and BPM solution will enable an even more elevated customer experience, further expand the existing connectivity network and help to drive automation with claims processes.”

The combined OnBase Mackinac and Jopari Attach solution has the potential to significantly reduce the current costs and operational friction of exchanging information by paper methods. Jopari Attach delivers compliance-ready administrative and clinical attachments to group plans utilizing the same set of document exchange tools providers have been using for years to send millions of attachments per month to workers’ compensation and auto medical payers. By utilizing an organization’s existing secure infrastructure and services, OnBase Mackinac electronically routes the right information to the right person at the right time – eliminating duplicative, lost or misplaced information.

“We are thrilled to partner with Jopari to provide their customers with the OnBase Mackinac technology that secures personal health information while eliminating the high costs of communicating through antiquated means such as fax, postal mail and web portals,” said Susan deCathelineau, vice president, global healthcare sales and services at Hyland. “Hyland Healthcare’s commitment to our customers aligns with that of Jopari, as well as our shared dedication to interoperability and closing the health continuum gap.”

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