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Hyland Healthcare launches PACSgear Enterprise

Latest release of PACSgear server includes new features to make it easier than ever to capture, integrate and share images across the organization

Hyland Healthcare has launched PACSgear Enterprise – the latest version of the PACSgear server software, which supports the advanced capture and connectivity modules of the PACSgear platform. Accessible through a web-based, thin-client user interface, PACSgear Enterprise supports multiple servers and provides a single platform for all enterprise imaging capture activities ensuring clinicians can quickly capture point-of-care images from anywhere and automatically link them to the electronic medical record (EMR).

In the new enterprise version, the PACSgear server has been enhanced to provide its application modules with true enterprise-class levels of scalability, performance and functionality. Now healthcare organizations have access to a solution that offers comprehensive image management with the ability to better index, manage and visualize medical images within a specialty department, or multiple specialty units or facilities, and tie them into an enterprise imaging solution.

“PACSgear connectivity solutions make it easy to capture, integrate and share images across an organization to seamlessly access data, film, video and visible light images across any department and to any EMR, VNA or PACS,” says Susan deCathelineau senior vice president of sales and services for Hyland Healthcare. “By connecting all images to the EMR, you eliminate information silos, enhance patient outcomes, boost clinical productivity and avoid duplicate images. This is especially pertinent as medical personnel are inundated with patients, and clinicians need instant access to all patient data, images and information to provide the best care.”

A timely application of PACSgear is the use of PACSgear Image Link and Encounter Workflow. With this module, clinicians can quickly capture point-of-care ultrasound images in the emergency department or other care locations – including temporary locations as long as there is system connectivity. The images are automatically sent to the PACS or VNA and linked to the patient’s record in the EMR. This gives radiologists the ability to review the image remotely from the PACS or VNA with an enterprise viewer such as Hyland’s NilRead. A streamlined version of Imaging Link Encounter Workflow and NilRead are available for rapid install to current customers to support healthcare workers in a time of immense need.

PACSgear Enterprise application modules include:

  • PACS Scan Web – a web-based uploader that allows users to import images using any browser-based workstation
  • PACS Scan Mobile – securely capture and encrypt images from a mobile device
  • Video Touch 4K – captures visible light images and video from scopes
  • Image Link – acquires and associates images with patient context from the EMR
  • Image Link Encounter Workflow – captures and reconciles “order-less” images from DICOM modalities (like point-of-care ultrasound)
  • EHR Gateway – enables DICOM devices to store photos and videos directly to an EMR or VNA in native file format
  • Web Forms – a true, thin-client electronic forms designed to augment an organizations paper-based imaging workflows

New features within PACSgear Enterprise include:

  • Expanded role-based authentication and authorization
  • True 64-bit application
  • Enhanced auditing and logging
  • Support for load-balanced and failover configurations
  • Updated end-user and administrator landing pages
  • Centralized web-based administration
  • Single platform for all enterprise imaging capture activities

To learn more about PACSgear Enterprise and solving the complex challenges of managing point-of-care imaging procedures visit Imaging/PACSgear.

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