18:00 PM

Hyland Enters Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) Market with New Product: ShareBase by Hyland

Hyland, creator of OnBase, is pleased to announce the launch of ShareBase by Hyland, a cloud-based enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) application for securely sharing content inside and outside of an organization. Utilizing Hyland's 25 years of industry-leading content management expertise, ShareBase enables users to quickly and easily share files while ensuring strong information governance.

Designed specifically for the enterprise, ShareBase allows organizations to:

  • Utilize role-based security by using corporate-only email addresses, enabling organizations to retain governance over shared content
  • Protect against unintentional access with easy revocation of user rights when users leave the organization
  • Easily transfer content ownership during personnel transitions
  • Utilize a purpose-built cloud specifically designed for content management, leveraging data centers strategically located across the globe
  • Extend OnBase, Hyland's enterprise information platform, by adding the ability to automatically share content with and collect content from users outside the firewall

'The creation of ShareBase was our response to continual feedback from customers needing a better way to share and collaborate on content,' said Bill Priemer, president and CEO of Hyland. "Empowering users to share information should not have to mean that the organization loses visibility or control of that information. ShareBase allows organizations to finally establish a standard for file sharing that meets the needs of both the users and the organization."

'Everything from how the data is captured, processed, accessed, shared and secured was considered when we created ShareBase,' said Sam Babic, associate vice president of development at Hyland. 'Our 25 years of content management expertise has been extended to ShareBase, creating a powerful new way of sharing content and collaborating with both employees and customers.'

For more information about how ShareBase helps organizations securely and easily share content, visit ShareBase.com.