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Hyland Document Filters Receive New Enhancements

Enhancements include new identification formats and new and extended APIs to increase extraction capabilities

Hyland, a leading content services provider, released 29 enhancements and 56 updates to its Document Filters product offering, continuing its frequent release cadence to ensure the most modern, innovative and feature-rich platform. Enhancements include added support for new identification formats and added and extended API updates to increase extraction and output capabilities.

Document Filters currently supports more than 550 file formats, including more than 75 high-definition renditions. Support for 11 new formats includes:

  • Identification Support for EOT Font files
  • Identification Support for FujiXerox Docuworks files
  • Identification Support for QuarkExpress files
  • Identification Support for SQLite Database files
  • Identification Support for Visual Studio SUO files
  • Identification Support for Windows Thumbs.db files
  • Identification Support for AppleDouble files
  • Identification Support for MO:DCA files
  • Identification Support for SysInternals ProcMon files
  • Identification Support for Windows RES resource files
  • Hi-Def Support for SGI Raster Images

Additionally, the following API support was added and extended:

  • Extended render Page API to allow for updating static PDF form field values
  • New Hyperlink API that can be used to extract information about the hyperlinks available on any given page
  • Extended Canvas Annotation API to allow for barcode creation on document renditions
    • 1D barcodes supported include 39, 93, 128, GS1-128
    • 2D barcodes supported include Datamatrix, PDF417, QR
  • New API that can be used to insert a blank page onto a Canvas
  • New API for loading raw-pixel data as new document

“We’re excited to continue to deliver increased value to our customers by adding new formats and APIs to help more efficiently extract and analyze text and metadata – including hidden content – in a file,” said Corey Kidd, Document Filters product manager at Hyland. “Harnessing the power of deep inspection, format conversion, output manipulation and viewing for virtually any document helps software developers embed rich document processing functionality into their applications to drive efficiency and customer value.”

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