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Hyland, creator of OnBase Partners with KnowledgeLake

KnowledgeLake adds OnBase to its ECM technology portfolio to solve organizations information management

Hyland, creator of OnBase today announced its partnership with KnowledgeLake, joining two leading providers of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

Hyland and KnowledgeLake's longevity within the market has helped build their expertise to distribute quality ECM solutions to organizations within the financial services, healthcare, insurance, government and higher education industries. The partnership will help both organizations deliver on their shared vision to provide the strongest ECM solutions that meet the demands of Microsoft-centric organizations looking for better content management and process automation capabilities.

'KnowledgeLake and Hyland are a great fit. Our partnership joins two leading ECM providers that are dedicated to solving organizations business needs by delivering flexible, intuitive solutions,' said Bill Priemer, president and CEO at Hyland. 'We're looking forward to growing our relationship and the new opportunities it will provide for both companies.'

Adding OnBase to its product portfolio will help KnowledgeLake expand its business and help organizations better manage critical information.

'We're very excited about our new relationship with Hyland. It is proof of our commitment to always deliver the best ECM solutions for Microsoft-centric organizations, and this partnership is further strengthened through the aligned culture and mission that Hyland and KnowledgeLake share,' said Ron Cameron, president and CEO at KnowledgeLake.

For more information about Hyland's partner network, visit OnBase.com. For more information about KnowledgeLake's enterprise-ready ECM solutions, visit KnowledgeLake.com.