05:44 AM

Hyland, creator of OnBase, announces its latest software release, OnBase 15

Aggressive innovation of leading enterprise content management platform enables customers to stay ahead of industry changes and technology advancements

Hyland has announced the newest annual release of its software with the delivery of OnBase 15. This latest upgrade includes more than 2,000 customer-focused enhancements and introduces ground-breaking new functionality to help organizations digitize their operations, accelerate their processes, and empower professionals with timely and relevant information.

For healthcare providers, the OnBase clinical content framework advances significantly with the introduction of several new solutions, including a native Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) to enable storage and access of medical images, documents and clinical files in a single system.

For insurers, OnBase strengthens its industry-leading integrations with Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ and introduces the ability to easily output complete claim files for distribution to third-parties.

For government agencies and other organizations utilizing an ESRI® geographic information system (GIS), OnBase enhances its integration with ArcGIS Online with the ability to display documents as a data layer on a map, augmenting the analytic knowledge of what is happening in a geographic space.

Other notable areas of innovation within OnBase 15 include:

  • Mobile: A re-architected mobile platform, a new app in the Windows Store (with apps already available for iPad, iPhone and Android), and new integration points between OnBase apps and other enterprise mobile applications
  • Case Management: An enhanced experience for users of case-based applications, including integration with Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Cloud: Improved integrations with complementary cloud-based applications, including Docusign
  • Capture: A streamlined user experience and improved data capture tools for invoices

'We continue to evolve OnBase as an enterprise platform for building solutions that manage the widest array of information and processes,' said Bill Priemer, president and CEO of Hyland. 'OnBase 15 is the latest example of how we 'future-proof' our software by continuously introducing new functionality while ensuring a seamless upgrade path to make that functionality accessible.'

The new release also includes hundreds of configuration enhancements designed to accelerate deployment and simplify administration of OnBase solutions for implementers and system owners.

'Only OnBase combines enterprise content management, business process management and case management in a single platform,' said Miguel Zubizarreta, chief technology officer of Hyland. 'There are enormous advantages in all of this functionality working seamlessly together, utilizing the same infrastructure, providing a common approach to building and administering solutions, and presenting a consistent experience to the end-user.'

The majority of OnBase enhancements are made in response to feedback and suggestions from Hyland's more than 13,000 customers. 'Given the accelerating rate of change that our customers are dealing with, they don't just need new solutions,' said Priemer. 'They need an application platform that will support a constant stream of new solutions far into the future. This new release once again affirms that that platform is OnBase.'

For more information about OnBase 15 visit the OnBase Blog or OnBase.com.