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Houston Airports Wins 2016 OnBase Government Innovation Award

The Houston Airports received Hyland's OnBase Government Innovation Award at the 2016 CommunityLIVE conference in Orlando, Florida where over 1,700 OnBase end users, developers, customers and partners were in attendance.

The Houston Airports nominated and presented its CBP credentialing solution, which uses OnBase Workflow to streamline the application process to grant agents/employees access to the international terminal. The airport implemented the electronic application solution to convert its paper process and grant approximately 2,000 employees CBP access within 60 days.

'We were faced with a nearly impossible task – convert a process that once took three-four weeks to complete, into a digital process within 60 days,' said Lisa Kent, CIO of the City of Houston. 'Our amazing team was able map out and build the digital application in about two and a half weeks, and completed 2,000 employees' credentials within 45 days.'

Houston Airports' digital CBP credentialing process now takes 48 hours, taking the information from the online application and linking it with existing data to send a finalized application packet to CBP for approval. The airport continues to think of new ways to improve its service and will implement a new e-signature section of the application process, using the OnBase integration with DocuSign, to achieve even greater efficiency.

'All of our 2016 OnBase Government Innovation Award nominations showcased unique solutions that can be implemented across different levels of government to more efficiently manage content, processes and cases,' said Terri Jones, government principal at Hyland. 'The Houston Airports' solution stood out because of the impact OnBase had to decrease the amount of time it took to grant CBP access by 92 percent. We congratulate them on earning the 2016 OnBase Government Innovation Award and look forward to seeing the new ways they will leverage OnBase in the future.'

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