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CU Implements OnBase by Hyland as Enterprise Solution

OnBase will help improve efficiency, streamline processes and support over 40 departments across four campuses

The University of Colorado recently rolled out OnBase by Hylanda leading content services platform – in a tailored, phased implementation across four CU campuses, beginning in financial aid and extending to more than 120 additional offices. OnBase lowers departmental costs, speeds access to critical information, supports productivity and efficiency, and minimizes compliance risks.

As one of Hyland’s largest migrations in higher education to date, nearly 15 million documents were converted when switching over from Singularity, the institution’s former content management system. Additionally, a multitude of document types, keywords, workflows, scripts and electronic forms were recreated during the yearlong project. OnBase is also integrated with CU’s ERP systems PeopleSoft, DocuSign and Salesforce.

“We took a customer service approach to our OnBase implementation and conversion, and tailored it to the specific needs of each department to ensure successful adoption by our 3,000 users,” said Alan Vidmar, Assistant Director of Enterprise Content Services, University Information Systems at CU. “The Hyland services team provided the right amount of autonomy and capability, consistently supporting our path forward with expertise and knowledge to make the best decisions throughout.”

CU implemented OnBase as an enterprise application but focused the conversion at a departmental level and organized the migration into four stages: needs assessment, mapping, migration and validation. To ensure a smooth transition based on unique business processes and needs, each department partnered with UIS to perform a service audit. Departments converted to OnBase at different times throughout the length of the project, depending on the departmental business calendar. Training was also specialized and offered to end users prior to departmental go-lives, with users armed with quick-reference guides and web-based training materials.

“We'll never be done – and that's a good thing. We are impactful at the university, and that means we are continuing to drive ROI from the institutional investments,” said Vidmar. “We now have a queue of over 25 more ‘customers’ who will be onboarded. Our model aligns with how Hyland treats their customers; we look to see what works best and shift models when needed, preparing them for success.”

CU first invested in information management in 1992 and has since grown to support 120 departments made up of content producers and content consumers. CU has established a decentralized administration model underpinned by a “Core 12” team trained in all aspects of supporting OnBase, which is comprised of certified department administrators from records, admissions, bursar and financial aid departments on three campuses.

“Collaboration was key in a deployment this size. CU did a fantastic job at communicating a united message to all campus stakeholders, which made the migration to OnBase that much smoother,” said Dave Vegh, director, higher education practice at Hyland. “We look forward to continuing our partnership as CU leverages Hyland’s extensive higher education expertise and enterprise solution to accelerate business processes and elevate student services.”

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