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Brainware Intelligent Capture Facilitates End-to-End Process Automation for Lenders

Template-free capture solution complements content services to create a completely digital lending processes

Hyland, a leading content services provider, introduces its new capture solution for financial institutions – Brainware for Lending. Brainware for Lending is a template-free extraction solution that accurately captures and classifies loan documents and integrates with line of business tools to validate extracted data and fill missing information before delivering data to loan origination systems. By delivering greater transparency, lending institutions can process loans faster, with fewer resources, and improve interactions with borrowers.

As the lending industry becomes increasingly complex, banks, lenders and loan servicers experience higher demand from customers for fast lending experiences. At the same time, financial institutions have a greater focus on managing regulatory requirements, which increase per-loan costs and slow processing times. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, the average loan includes more than 500 pages and costs lenders over eight thousand dollars.

Brainware for Lending utilizes optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent capture and extraction functionality to significantly reduce human touch points and virtually eliminate manual document classification. Coupled with OnBase, Hyland’s content services platform, it provides financial institutions with an end-to-end digital lending process.

“Brainware intelligent capture is an advanced technology that will fundamentally shift the way financial institutions process and service loans,” said Steve Comer, director of financial services sales at Hyland. “As a template-free solution, Brainware for Lending gives financial institutions the power to improve the consistency and quality of loan information throughout the loan life cycle, while reducing the cost of validating data.”

Leveraging Brainware for Lending, financial institutions will:

  • Better support compliance initiatives and requirements
  • Decrease manual labor and per-loan processing costs
  • Create a competitive advantage by closing loans faster

To learn more about Brainware for Lending, and achieving measurable ROI within lending processes, attend Hyland’s upcoming ‘Streamline lending from Origination to Servicing’ webinar or visit

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By connecting people to the documents, data and processes they need to make more informed decisions, financial institutions increase productivity and deliver quality service to their customers and members. Hyland’s suite of financial services solutions, including Brainware for Lending, OnBase and ShareBase, help more than 5,500 financial institutions become more agile, efficient and effective.