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Brainware for Transcripts Transforms Student and Staff Experience in Higher Education

Intelligent capture solution speeds transcript processing, diminishes data entry and offers students rapid response

Four schools across the U.S. have recently adopted a Brainware for Transcripts solution, transforming operations across each campus to speed transcript processing, diminish data entry, and improve student response times during admissions, transfer and degree audits.

Brainware for Transcripts is an intelligent capture software program that uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert different types of transcript documents, such as scanned papers, PDF files or images into editable and searchable data. This technology is creating a fundamental shift in the way these institutions read and process content, unlocking its value in real time. Brainware for Transcripts can also be used with any content repository system, taking advantage of existing technology investments while advancing functionality.

“Brainware for Transcripts is such a powerful solution because the accuracy and efficiency in transcript processing can create a domino effect across campus departments, improving both the staff and student experience,” said Dave Vegh, director of higher education sales at Hyland. “If transcript data gets into a degree audit faster, institutions can advise and engage students more quickly. In competitive programs, this can lead to expedited admissions, providing better service to students and improving the reputation of the institution.”

Schools who recently committed to deploy Brainware for Transcripts include:

California State University - Channel Islands

Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City

San Jacinto College

Southeastern University

Brainware for Transcripts is highly scalable which allows transcript processing to happen among a consortium of institutions, such as a state or regional system. This allows all the colleges within a group to share access to the captured transcripts and student data, providing accurate snapshots of courses, degree progress and other critical functions. With options for running Brainware for Transcripts on an in-house server or in the cloud, these disparate departments and locations can still leverage the same resources to create cost and time savings.

Brainware for Transcripts also supports high school and district transcript processing, and can function as a standalone solution regardless of document imaging solutions already on campus.

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